Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Source of Motivation and Happiness

I have not updated my blog for the looooongest time! I tried to update it at my workplace but somehow, I cannot even log into Also, I have been real busy juggling my work, family commitments, friends and him. I realise that it is not an easy job. Friendships have suffered. But I am learning too. This is the first time that I yearn to spend everyday with somebody.

Although 6 months have passed, I still like him a lot a lot. More than what I can say or dare to admit openly. Although we have our down periods in these 6 months, I am glad we gave each other a chance to learn and adapt. It is not easy, changing my habits and beliefs which have been fixed in a mold and it is not easy too, for him to treat me delicately, realise that I am a very different person from his group of friends and his past experiences with girls and change his mindset. I believe and hope that these challenges are what kept us hooked and motivated to continue to be interested in each other.

I am so happy to meet him 6 months earlier. To this day, sometimes I will stop and be amazed and in awe of what fate can do to two people.

I wish that as I look back 6 months later, I will still be able to declare this happily. =)


Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back To School

So it's back to school after 3 weeks of break. And I had a lot of fun in those 3 weeks! I know that all of the my recent blog posts are about him but I cannot help it. I had been spending most of my time with him and he has grown to be an integral part of me.

Last night I could not help reminiscing about the time spent with him. My holiday withdrawal syndrome had not hit me so hard before. I will miss...

Waking up with him beside me

Lying in bed in the morning deciding where to go for breakfast

Having lunch together and planning what to do for the rest of the afternoon

Strolling around Bukit Panjang leisurely

Watching movies late into the night

Playing mahjong

Playing PS3 together

Jogging in the night

I will really miss meeting him in the mornings. I always like mornings when the sun shine brightly in the sky. It always give me a sense of hope; that something wonderful may and can happen. I wonder when we will have such a chance again....


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


He makes me feel like the most fortunate woman on earth.

I wish he knows how much I want him to feel like the most fortunate man on earth.

I am happy. =)


Friday, December 16, 2011

How It Has Been So Far

So how has it been so far?

Everything is new to me. These three months were spent getting to know him, getting to know myself, adapting to him, adapting to myself, changing him and changing myself. People say that the first few months into a new relationship are always the "honeymoon" months where everything is made of candy, there is always a rainbow in the sky and stars rain down on us every night. Surprisingly, we settle down very fast into a "non-honeymoon" relationship. Maybe the two of us are very practical people. Maybe I am not the typical sweet girl. Maybe he is the typical non-romantic kind. Or maybe we have reached the age when we have a lot of things going on in our lives besides romance.

However, I quite like this. At least, I know what I see is what I get.

(But somehow, somehow, he always manages to do the right things at the right time.)

I am surfing my fb while typing this entry. I saw the status of the guys whom I used to like and of guys who used to like me and have gotten attached and there was a weird feeling inside me. It was a mixture of jealousy, envy, wonder, discomfort... A reunion of all my "old friends".

And then I turned and saw him and suddenly everything felt right.

I think I may like him more than I care to admit.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

It Happens When You Least Expect It

It all started with a KTV session. I was struck by his voice.

And then it was the "I have never ever ..." game when we got to know more about each other. I was struck by we share in common.

Following that, it was the night when he offered to drive me home after my bowling game with Zac. I was struck by the number of cockroaches in his car.

I was struck again when I took his car the next day by the smell of insecticide and a bottle of air freshener on his dashboard.

Mustafa became our dating ground. We would take turns pointing at something and then ask a question to find out more about each other. I was struck by how we have such similar eating habits and preferences.

Dinners followed dinners.

Joanna told him that I do not like shabbily dressed guys. I was struck when one day, we decided to have an impromptu meetup, he appeared in jeans when he told me that he was wearing berms. He bought the jeans after work.

He took my hand after posting the question on a board along the Sentosa Boardwalk. I was struck by the number of butterflies flying in my stomach.

He asked the important question on the 9th of September in La Salsa and gave me a surprise gift. I was struck by his effort and sincerity.

I was struck again and again in the following days.

And that's it. It happens when I least expected it. Now, I finally understand what Yvonne once said to me, that feelings will grow and deepen day after day.

In short, I am struck by him.

That's why darling,

It's incredible

That someone so unforgetable,

Thinks that I am

Unforgetable too


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Little Snippets of My Life

I have not updated my blog for a long time. Nope, I did not spend my time moping or feeling emotional these days. I simple picked up where I have left, spending more time with my friends, the ones who truly care for me. I am starting to find joy in my work again. Here's a little photo log from my Iphone on what I have been doing these days.

Teacher's Investiture Ceremony

At first, I did not want to go. I received news nearer to the date that it is compulsory for us to go. They did their "thing" again, forcing us to do something just because we "owe" them the money. But anyway, I'm glad I went. It was time well-spent catching up with friends.


Found this stuck on my metal cupboard in the staffroom. One of my HODs put it there. It made me laugh out loud. I guess this is his way of telling the rest to go easy on me as I am a "P-Plater". But then, my friend said that "P-Platers" are always the easy target for bullies. -_-...

Salad For Lunch

As part of my determination to lose weight, I have switched to eating salads for lunch. The salads are prepared by yours truly and I am proud of my creation. =P

Grilled fish salad with mango and roasted rice crackers

Grilled chicken breast meat salad with grapes

These meals were not cheap though. I think each meal cost me around $5-$6. But it is still cheaper and healthier than popping pills!


Went to Jaw's new house for dinner on a Friday. It was quite exciting because none of us has a place to call our own yet. And they had a surprise for me.

Xiao Pang's sister, Chu Xin, baked these muffins to cheer me up after reading my blog. I was so touched that I was speechless. I really really appreciate the thought and effort that went into this. I must have done something good in my previous life to deserve friends like them. =)

Angry Birds

Had fun playing with Ethel's, Alvin's and Aaron's Angry Birds one afternoon.

We used our building blocks to create an Angry Bird's scene too.


English Noticeboard

One day, my English HOD tasked me to help design the school's English Noticeboard. I was stumped. Luckily, my Level Head came up with great ideas and I helped to carry out and modfiy some bits here and there. In the end, we were so proud of our board!

Founder's Day Dinner

My first Founder's Day in my new school. It was a chance for the teachers in my school to dress up and look pretty for the night. So unlike their usual self. I have many beautiful teachers in my school!

With my Beginning Teachers.

Make-shift Bed

My favourite sort of bed in the office. Nice, soft and full of knowledge. Heh!

Inner Desire @ Wavehouse Sentosa

Esther, my ODAC friend, has set up a blogshop selling bikinis and night gowns. She asked me to help out at her fashion show at Wavehouse last Saturday. I like exposing myself to jobs outside my usual scope and she is a good friend of mine so I agreed immediately.

My job was to help the model attached to me change into 4 different sets of bikinis. They were really professional and had no qualms changing in front of strangers. I think we, Esther's friends, felt more awkward than the models. Heh!

It was a real mad rush in the changing tent. There were only 5 models and the runway was short. That meant that they would have little time to change.

Esther doing an interview with Razor TV.

The helpers for that day. The buffet we had for dinner is the best I have ever tasted.

Anyway, Esther's blogshop is Visit her store if you are thinking of buying lingerie, bikini, swim wear or night gowns!


After helping out with Esther's event, I met up with Jane and her cousin to go prawning at Jurong Hill. It was nice, chilling and catching up with small interludes of excitement when the prawns got hooked.

Joey came and joined us soon after.

Our achievement after 3 hours - 9 prawns! Heh!

And so, this concludes my little photolog from the pictures taken using my Iphone. I have moved on. =)


Monday, July 18, 2011

I Am Over You

So life goes on as it always does. And I move on like I always do. I'm glad Jane told me what she did. It woke me up properly and I know that the time to move on has been long overdue. So I did.

I've learnt a lot about myself through this incident. Some parts that I like and some parts that I dislike. But I am thankful. At least for a few months, I lived happily. Not that I am unhappy now but you know what I mean. I am also glad of this "opportunity" to know more about what I can or cannot give or do.

And so.. I didn't regret what I did. If I have to do it again, I will still choose the same route. Everything happens for a reason, doesn't it? =)