Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bangkok Trip (First Day)!

First Day

We woke up freezing cold. I underestimated the aircon in our room and set it to 15 Degrees Celsius the night before. =P

Looking out of the windows, the weather was perfect! Warm sunlight flooded our hotel room. It really felt like holiday has finally arrived.

We quickly washed and dressed, wanting to make it in time for the hotel's breakfast. But... Breakfast was over when we reached the lobby! Bleagh.. We thought breakfast ends at 11am but it actually ends at 10am. And so, we turned to A&W for breakfast! Yeah!!

How I have missed A&W's root beer! I just could not get enough of it. =) The funny thing about BKK's A&W is that it was empty most of the time. Turns out that fast food is actually more expensive than the local food and thus, few locals actually prefer fast food. We had the whole place to ourselves that day. I really like that place. It really made me feel like I'm on holiday, watching the vehicles zoomed past the place while we sat happily eating our breakfast.

After breakfast, we set off to Chatuchak, Bangkok's most famous market. There was no photos taken because the place was too crowded. I do not like that place. It was packed, hot and smelly. I just could not stand the food smell. The food smell is forever present in the roadside stalls and hawkers. I do not know how to describe it. I just know that that smell stains the memory of Thailand.

Finally, we could stand it no more and decided to return to our hotel. It was a wise decision as it started to rain when we were in the taxi.

After resting, we decided to hit MBK Shopping Centre next. According to the map, it was a short distance away and thus, we walked there despite the rain. Adventurous sia~ =P

It was a haven for fake goods! We actually wondered whether the Thai actually know that they were buying fakes and whether they actually know that LV, Burberry, Raphl Lauren ,etc, exist with exorbitant prices. The shops actually "anyhow" slapped on the brands onto different items without care. You can see the horse symbols on slippers, LV design on the sole of shoes, etc. Really crazy!

We ate our dinner at the MBK foodcourt. The meal was good and of course, the price was definitely affordable. After dinner, we decided to go for Pedi and Manicure. And after that, Thai massage. Shiokness!! Especially after shopping for the whole day.

At last, hotel sweet hotel.

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